The Scariest Haunted House Project - Ever!

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1. Stuck in the Middle 
2. King of the Hill 
3. A Crazy Idea 
4. Count Me Out! 
5. That’s Not Scary 
6. I Vant It all 
7. Dollar Store Blues 
8. Monster of a Problem 
9. Little House On the Scary 
10. Terrifying Taxidermy 
11. Tooth and Claw 
12. Crypt Keeper 
13. Black as Light 
14. Deader Than Dead 
15. Troublesome Teeth 
16. Ghost of a Chance 
17. The Noose Is Loose 
18. Abandon Hope… 
19. Who Took My Chocolate? 
20. Trick...or Treat?
21. All’s Well That Scares Well 

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