Gazza’s Guide to Practical Project Management

ISBN: 978-1478345046 (Paperback 6″ x 9″, 272 pages)

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Life is complicated. If we can simplify the job of getting things done, the better off we usually are. This is particularly important in managing projects. In this book, Gary (Gazza) tackles the complexity of managing projects by breaking the essential components of Project Management down into practical, simple concepts. Whether you simply have an interest in Project Management or are already managing them, this book has something for you.

For most people, we remember things best when they are accompanied by music, or are part of a story. While there is no musical score to this book, there are plenty of project management lessons wrapped in entertaining stories to help the concepts stick. Featuring popular episodes from Gazza’s Corner blog and all-new content, this book addresses the four main stages of typical projects: Initiation/Planning, Execution, Closeout and Project Control.

What you will find in this book:

  • Learn about the importance of the Project Kickoff – and why you need a Monkey to help you through it.
  • Need to create a new Project Plan? Learn to write it as a story based on lessons learned from a famous author.
  • Writing requirements? Learn how to develop exceptional ones through lessons learned from Ice Cream – and the Spice Girls.
  • Implementing Organizational Change? Learn how to do it successfully by growing a Desert.
  • Learn about the essentials of Risk Management from a pocket umbrella in the heart of the Australian Desert.
  • You can’t get there from here: tips on getting things done, in spite of it all.
  • A playful theory on the origin of writing – and why it is so important that we write stuff down.
  • Working with Virtual Teams or Volunteers? Read key lessons on working with both types of teams.
  • And many other topics.

From managing hundreds of small, concurrent projects to multi-year, multi-million dollar ventures, Gazza shares his 20+ years of experience and lessons learned to help you along the project management journey.


“Here there be stories! Gazza’s Guide to Practical Project Management is an experience grounded book that describes the importance in project success of both people and process, and he does this through the sharing of the authors stories from projects past. Readable, practical and a lot of fun, which as the author of The Lazy Project Manager I always feel is important.”

Peter Taylor, The Lazy Project Manager

“I can thoroughly recommend Gazzas’ book as a practical guide based on real life lessons learned, an uncanny eye for doing what is right, and the ability to put all of this into a great story. Take some time to fully digest the lessons, advice and wisdom that Gazza has to offer and you can practically guarantee you will be a better project manager.”

Sean Whitaker, PMP – The Practically Perfect Project Manager

“Gazza’s Guide to Practical PM is a book on practical communications in disguise – that’s refreshing – because it focuses on the people aspect of Management and steers away from the notion that PM is about shuffling papers, reports and various tools of measurement. If you’d like a change in your PM reading – this is a good place to start.”

Peter de Jager, A Pocketful of Change and So You’re a Manager – Now What?