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Project Mangement books you will actually enjoy reading!

Gazza’s Guide to Practical Project Management 

Life is complicated. If we can simplify the job of getting things done, the better off we usually are. This is particularly important in managing projects. In this book, Gary (Gazza) tackles the complexity of managing projects by breaking the essential components of Project Management down into practical, simple concepts.

Available in: Paperback (ISBN 978-1478345046), 272 pages | Multiple eBook formats

Project Kids Adventures has been designed as a series of fun books that teach basic Project Management Principles to children. Projects are a part of every day life – at home, school and work. These books provide a fun way to prepare them for future years in school – and later on, for the working years.

While these books do teach lessons, they are definitely not traditional textbooks. They cover core concepts in the structure of full-length children’s stories, so they can see the principles come to life – and also what happens when you choose to ignore simple things like planning. The books can be used in a classroom setting to support your school curriculum, but they are equally at home on a child’s bookshelf – for bedtime or independent reading.

The stories in the books revolve around a core group of children (the Project Kids Team) who learn how to work together to accomplish amazing things, through applying project management principles in an appropriate and relevant context for their age level. Unlike many children’s series, the plan is to have the books grow with the children as they progress through Middle School – so the children will also age and grow in experience.

I hope you enjoy the stories!

Gary Nelson, PMP (Gazza)

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